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Behind The Brand

Seven Hughes


Seven (The Alchemist) Hughes an international healer by way of celestial alchemy and is also the CEO/Founder of America's first and only holistic insurance company, Holistic Insurance™ (hi™) based in Atlanta GA. hi™  is a new and innovative approach to health insurance, offering supplemental coverage for non-western medical treatment.


Seven's desire to see people healed has always been in the forefront of his life. As an empath, he has been able to connect with people in ways that allows him to see through their eyes, giving him a unique perspective and approach to solutions. His “Celestial Code-writing™” abilities has also given him an extraordinary approach to manifesting things desired. He’s been called “The Alchemist” because of how he’s able to identify dreams and goals and transforms those desires into reality, not just for himself, but especially for others utilizing the "Code of Life or Universal Laws".


His life is about gratitude, inspiration, motivation, excitement and purpose. His messages are about honoring personal truth, ancestors and the universe. His rituals work. His lessons provide alternate realities that has been proven to be advantageous for his clients/students. He lives out his mission daily which is: "To teach the importance of magick and the balance within one’s self and to honor the truth of the soul, influencing true desires to be manifested."


Seven is a proud husband and father. He loves to entertain and motivate any willing audience. His community involvement is extensive with over 20 awards and letters of appreciation from the YMCA, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Boys and Girls Club and more. He is also the cofounder of a local effort to bridge the gap between law enforcement and community, Running4MyLife.