LaMarr Lewis, Business Manager

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Behind The Brand

Precious Jackson


At the age of 21 Brittany, with a leap of faith headed to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming a Makeup Artist. After a chance meeting, she landed a life changing opportunity of working on MTVs “Wildn Out”. After years of settling, she was ready to dive deeper into her soul, using her creative background to find her true passion and purpose. But things were moving slow. At this point, Brittany had decided that Los Angeles was not for her and was contemplating relocating all together. But much to her own surprise, God had a different plan carved out for her.

Exactly one month after getting her business papers in order, Brittany was reintroduced to a designer, Timeekah "Murph" Murphy, Owner and Designer of Alani Taylor. The two had met six years earlier, but something about this meeting seemed different. They realized that they had creative chemistry and it was not only undeniable, but unstoppable!

The dynamic duo took the fashion scene by storm and within three months, Dèviant La Vie landed their first cleint, adult superstar, Gina Valentina. Ms. Valentina was the client who pushed for Dèviant to make full dresses out of the signature silk ropes. This was the beginning of a new era for The Brand.

Six months after Black Chyna's Stylist, Eburns, picked out the perfect ensemble for her, followed by Realty TV Star, Draya. At this point, Dèviant La Vie was ready to showcase more of their creations and held a fashion showcase for their 1 Year Anniversary. Drawing the attention of Celebrity Stylist for Tyra Banks, Tiffany Haddish, Beyoncé, and Cardi B.