Now tell me, who doesn’t like desserts? And tasty desserts at that? Let’s be honest – a person will remember the sweet treats that they receive from a marketing event over a pen or cup with a company’s logo. Parul Benders, the Owner of Parul's Desserts has this figured out. She not only uses her logo for edible marketing, she teachers her clients to do the same.


Identity, Print, Social Media


Parul's Desserts



How will you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Your competitors have pens, keychains and business cards. But you have a sweet arrangement of desserts with your logo and all your marketing information on the packaging…or right on the dessert in an edible fashion! 

There are so many creative ways that you can brand yourself. Have a bit of fun and think outside of the box! Our team can help you create tasty, as well as non-edible solutions to increase visibility, sales and take your brand to the next level.

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