Our team has had the pleasure of working with April on all of her branding since 2016. She was one of our first clients and has brought several referrals our way. Working with an entrepreneur that has so many different types of businesses, we surely stay on our toes.


Identity & Branding


April Glenn James, iRealty, April James Events, Yoga Cheer



April Glenn James is a entrepreneur, real estate mogul, writer, yogi and philanthropist. Realizing that establishing and running so many brands, she employed our team to handle it all for her. We have worked

with April on all of her brands, from logo recreation to website design and everything in between. We are excited about all that she has coming up in the near future and we can wait to our bring visual creations to life.


Stationary is an essential for any brand. You may need to create invoices or correspondences from your business or give a potential client a business card. Whatever the need, our team is ready to help you create your branding needs.

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